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I first discovered Moulin Rouge! when...

...I was sitting in my living room and I had just seen 'The Phantom of the Opera'. I loved it, and my dad just happens to work with a women at his work place who also likes musicals. So she recommended that I see 'Moulin Rouge'. I passed it off for a while, thinking nothing could be better then 'The Phantom of the Opera', but I finally spotted it at the video store and thought, "Oh the hell with it, I'll just get it," and so I did. So as I was watching it, I thought, "Wow, this is really something." It completely blew me away. At the end, when Satine dies, I was crying. No one, I repeat, NO ONE can cry better then Ewan McGregor. He's great. Anyway..


After I watched it, I decided to watch it again to see all the more less-spotted details. Again I cried at the end. And you know what? I wasn't doing anything that day, so I watched it again! And I left it on repeat all night while I was in bed, so that I could listen to Ewan and Nicole sing.


When I woke up the next day, I thought about how Moulin Rouge made me cry at times, laugh at times, feel absolutely depressed/joyful at times, and how I just overall enjoyed it. So I decided to become somewhat obsessed. =P


And so came the idea to make a website. I know its like, 4 years late, but I don't care because I love it and I know there are still fans of it out there, so feel free to fill out the form below and send me your Moulin Rouge experience!

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Our love for the Moulin Rouge will last forever..