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Below I've come up with some activities for you fans who want to discover more fun while watching Moulin Rouge, or just about Moulin Rouge. I've got quizzes, games, writing activities, and a lot more! So have fun, and if you have ideas that you'd like to share, email me or send it through the form on the main page!

Signs of Obsession!
1) You watch Moulin Rouge daily during the school year and non-stop during summer.
2) You've memorized the movie and can watch it with your eyes closed, without the 'audio for the visually impared' option.
3) You know every single fact about the movie, and have made a quiz for it to see if others have, too.
4) You categorize all the people you know into the characters. (E.G. My teacher is evil, so I refer to him as the duke)
5) You write fanfiction.
6) You update your MR website, even though the movie is already 4 years old and there isn't anything to update on.
7) You -force- your friends to watch it because its the best thing since sliced bread.
8) You've memorized the dance moves and dance to the music.
9) You walk around your house talking about nothing but MR and how great it is.
10) You actually read the WHOLE rough draft of Baz Luhrman's version of it when he first thought it up.(Located in the special features disc 2, under "The Cutting Room Floor".)
11) You know everything about Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, or any other star on Moulin Rouge, just because they are on MR. (I admit, I <3 Ewan McGregor, but because of him, not just Moulin Rouge).
12) You call your father duke everytime he does something you don't like. "Yes, duke, sir."
13) You took a big interest in singing and are making a short film with your friends based off of MR.
14) You pretend like you are Satine/Christian and speak their lines for them.
15) You drive your friends mad talking about how you've watched it a million times and that they're just stubborn to not like it. More coming soon!

Letters to the Characters
Feel like you want to comfort Christian and tell him everything is alright? Want to write a letter to Satine to tell her how much of a fantastic person she became? Want to write to a different character? Well feel free! Just send your letters in the form below and they will get posted on the site for other viewers to read. I'm sure the MR characters appreciate all your support. =)

Email address:
Your Letter(Include the name of the character):

Most of these quizzes are still being made. Be patient please! ♥

The Movie
Fact OR Fiction
What Moulin Rouge Character Are You?
Are You Obsessed With Moulin Rouge?
What Moulin Rouge Song Are You?
What Moulin Rouge Quote Are You?
How Much Do You Know About Ewan McGregor?
How Much Do You Know About Nicole Kidman?
How Much Do You Know About Christian?
How Much Do You Know About Satine?
How Much Do You Know About The Bohemians?
What Moulin Rouge Song Are You?(also listed above in Movie)
Finish The Song

The Do-It-When Game
The do-it-when game is a fun activity you can do while watching Moulin Rouge. Objects required for this game:

* Food(can be candy, dinner, whatever) and/or drink
* Moulin Rouge dvd or video(vhs)
* A watchful eye

To play this game, there is one rule: Try to keep up, and if you mess up, start all over again. ^_^ This game is meant for slightly obsessive fans, like me. =P

DIRECTIONS: Ok, when you have your food and/or drink, and Moulin Rouge is playing, you must look for anything in the movie listed in the list below and take a bite or drink whenever you see one of them. If you miss something in the list, you must start over. Everytime you take a drink/bite, you get 5 points. You can keep track of points on paper if you want. Here are the scores:

15-25 POINTS
You aren't very obsessive at all. You haven't paid much attention to the movie, try again! Or, if you don't want to try again, are you gonna finish that? *points to your food*.

30 - 55 POINTS
You're pretty good at this! Could be better, but who cares? You have a keen eye and a smart head. Thumbs up! <3

You are very obsessive.. you pretty much caught all of the things on the list, good job! You should try taking the 'obsessed with moulin rouge?' quiz!

-Whenever Christian says "I Love You".
-Whenever the Duke says "Mine".
-Whenever Zidler does one of his scary happy-dances.
-Whenever Satine says 'Diamonds'.
-When Satine finally falls in love with Christian.
-When Christian shows his typewriter for the first time.
-When Satine discovers Christian isn't the Duke.
-When the Duke squashes a frog.
-Whenever the word 'freedom' is mentioned.
-Whenever the word 'love' is mentioned(that should be tough, lol. Its probably the most used word in the movie..)
-Whenever the word 'beauty' is mentioned.
-Whenever the word 'truth' is mentioned.
-When the Duke finally realizes that Christian and Satine love eachother and they deserve to be happy(ha, yeah right.).
-When Zidler calls Satine one of his pet names.
-Whenever Satine's pet bird is seen.
-When Christian sings, "Cause its good for your mind!" -screams-.
-When the 'Can Can' is mentioned.

I think thats long enough for now. ^_^

The Writing Game
The writing game is simple. Just write a song, story, poem or essay(on why you love MR) on Moulin Rouge so it can be posted here. It can be fanfiction! To get it posted on the site, you must write in the form(below) the following:

CATEGORY(poem, song, story, or essay)

And I will read and review, as well as post it on the site. The really great ones will get rewards, and I will make pictures for you to show off on forums or your website or whatever if you win one. So, play around with it! Be creative! Its your story(poem, song, or essay), so feel free to play around with it. And don't be shy, I won't make fun of you. I promise. =)

Full name:
Email address:

Record Your Own Album
This is fun and simple, and it doesn't matter if you sing good, okay? Things you need:

*Karaoke Machine
*Tape(Not a VCR tape) that you can record on
*Moulin Rouge DVD or Soundtrack

Okay, all you do is record yourself singing all the Moulin Rouge songs, or the MR songs of your choice, and save it on the tape you record it on. Its fun, easy, simple and will be a great reminder as you get older. ^_^And yes, I have done this, and no, I will not put it on here for you to hear. =P

Moulin Rouge Party
If you like Moulin Rouge enough, and if you aren't afraid to show it, I'm putting down some ideas that you could use if you wanted to host your own Moulin Rouge party(any holiday). I myself am hosting my birthday party, and coincidentally, it is Moulin Rouge themed. This is what I'm doing:
-Dressing up as Satine[I go to extreme lengths of this, so if you aren't like me, just be yourself or do whatever you want/are allowed to do].
          -I've dyed my hair red
          -I have a dress that is not completely similar, but good enough, to be the red dress.
-(Fake) Diamond Earrings
-Decorating[I also probably overdid this XD But I love it anyways.]
-You could decorate a room of your choice to be themed like one in the Moulin Rouge.
I did the red room.[Red blanket, red pillows, curtain, etc.]
-I suggest lots of glitter to represent Satine.
-A Moulin Rouge themed welcome sign to put on your door.
-You don't need Moulin Rouge themed food supply. Just get plastic plates in a
Moulin Rouge-y color.
-Possibly, if you like to sing, perform one of the songs.
-Get together with your friends. Have a blast. Try to memorize the Spectacular Spectacular dance scene. Dance, sing, etc.
-Play the movie in the background, that way your guests can watch it IF THEY WANT TO WATCH IT.
-Play the music(if you don't have the CD, you could just play the music from the movie, buy the soundtrack(s) at amazon.com or look on eBay.)
-Recreate the red room scene!(I'm kidding. I'm going to entertain people by doing it though :D)
-Encourage people to dress up.(Girls can wear corsets and skirts, dress up like Satine, the cancan dancers, or whatever. Guys can wear tuxedos.)
-Make sure YOU have fun as well as the others.
-Gift bags. My gift bags will contain: Moulin Rouge CD, Candy, Poem book, Pens.
-Make sure your guests know what Moulin Rouge IS.
-To eat: Pizza. It's simple, easy, and (almost)everyone likes it.
-To drink: You could use green koolaid(or some other green drink) to represent absinthe or you could just do the traditional soda pop thing.
-For desert: Cake, or if your having a non-birthday party, anything or nothing.
Got Ideas? Email them to me and I'll add them to this page along with the proper credits.

Our love for the Moulin Rouge will last forever..