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Read information about the characters in Moulin Rouge!

Christian is one of the main characters in the movie. He's a hopeless romantic writer who believes in love above anything else in the world. He first discovers the Moulin Rouge after The Unconcious Argentinean falls through his roof, and Toulouse's troupe discover his remarkable talent to sing and write.

He then goes to the Moulin Rouge to try and talk to Satine to get her to talk to Harold Zidler and ask him to write the fantastic play Spectacular, Spectacular.

Satine is a courtesan at the Moulin Rouge, where she was raised by Harold Zidler. She dreams of becoming an actress one day, and in order to do so, she must sleep with the duke. The people of Paris know her as the 'Sparkling Diamond', the star of the Moulin Rouge.

Satine mistakes Christian as the Duke, and in doing so, falls in love with him, even though love is forbidden on her part.

Toulouse Lautrec is part of his very own theatre troupe, where he stars in plays such as Spectacular, Spectacular. He is well known around the Moulin Rouge and is also a dwarf. He befriends Christian after he discovers Christian's talent of writing and singing.

And yes its true, Toulouse Lautrec was a real person at the Moulin Rouge. =)

Harold Zidler is the administrator at the Moulin Rouge. He stars in plays, hosts them, and all that fancy jazz. He raised Satine to be a courtesan and also helps her get close to the Duke so she could become an actress(only to discover that she's been 'dallying with the writer'). Zidler is a very cheery man and likes to sing, obviously. He refers to Toulouse as the 'Little Devil' and has many pet names for Satine.

The Duke is(a rat, a scoundrel, a pig, a bas--) the evil guy in the Moulin Rouge. He has power over everything in his sight and also comes to fancy Satine, offering her the job as an actress. Though Satine was acting out her love for the Duke, she did love Christian, no acting involved there. After the Duke finally realizes this, he gets very jealous and has his bodyguard Warner watch Christian to see if he makes any moves on Satine, and if he does, the duke has ordered Warner to kill him. The Duke is a very insane man, and I would not recommend anyone to copy his style of 'solving' problems. Just thought you should all know that. =)

Our love for the Moulin Rouge will last forever..