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Well, my name is Rachel and I live in the US(of)A. I'm 14 currently, and yeah.. I'll just put down some stuff for you to read.

Food: Chicken livers. Don't say 'yuck' until you've tried them. :) Hey, at least it isn't steak tartare.
Drink: Water, [Green]Tea and Pepsi.
Place: Somewhere dark and secluded.. with a waterfall.
Color: Black, red.
Car Type: Rolls Royce Silver Wraith.
Memory: When I taught my baby sister how to walk and say 'I love you'.
Thing to do in your spare time: Act, sing, dance, hang out, read, write, watch TV, talk, run around..
Person to call: John and Jessica, sometimes Deja. (Used to be David, but we hardly talk anymore)
Day of the week: Tuesday.
Time of the day: 4pm.
Holiday: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...
Movie Type(s): Thriller, sci fi, drama, musicals, comedy, horror, action adventure, and just about everything else.

I was born in Medford, Oregon in 1991. I moved to several places within the last 14 years, including: Alaska(Kenai, Anchorage), California(Sacramento, Citrus Heights) and Oregon(Silverton, Hillsboro, Corvallis, Salem, Medford). I have two beautiful sisters who I love very much(Unfortunately, they are in foster homes), as well as a mother who lives in California and a father who I live with here in Oregon. I plan on being an actress in the future, and will do anything in my power to make it happen. If that doesn't go well, then I suppose I could be a writer or something. Moulin Rouge has been my favorite movie since I saw it in June, 2005. I have watched it often within that time. :b And that's all I'm gonna say.

Some Random Info
What I want to be when I'm older
One word: Actress.
I've always admired people like Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman for their acting skills. I even signed up for drama class in 7th grade, but then I ended up being homeschooled and didn't get to take it. But I know I'm not bad at acting, because I can fool people into believing whatever I want them to believe. Just ask my friend Jessie. I've scared her brother and even her a couple times with ghost stories(one was at my (ex)friend Alleena's house, where I scared her brother.(sorry Jon)). They believed me. =P Although I have seen 'ghosts' before, I was just acting out that Alleena's house was haunted and all this. Lol. It was fun. Plus, I love acting. ANYWAY.

I can already cry when I want to(could be better at it, but it's hard to cry! I'm a sensitive person, but I usually write poems instead of cry.), I can frighten people, I can act serious without laughing my head off, I can act mad at people, and I can make people get scared or laugh when I want to. ; ) Not SO bad, eh? I think..

As for singing.. I don't know. I personally think my singing voice isn't meant to sing(professionally), but I think I can get better at it with practice. Haha, who cares? I sing anyways. @_@

And writing.. well. I love writing. I write everyday. Whether its updating my journal, website, or writing a poem/story/song, you won't find one day of the year when I haven't written something new (Ouch, my wrist is starting to hurt).

I think the thing I fear most is fear itself. Because fear distracts us from happy things, therefore making us unhappy people. So I try not to let my fears get in my way. Unless there's a spider around. Then I freak out. But thats an exception. Those nasty, hairy, little creatures shouldn't exist. As well as any other insect out there, cause then the world would be taken over and ruled by bugs. And we'd have nasty little bug wars. Ew. Other things I hate/fear: Spinach.. its gross.. ONIONS.. they're more gross.. loss of a family member.. *tear*.. and yeah.. thats about it so far.

I'll post one. Okay? Okay.
Click here..

Okay, thats all.

Our love for the Moulin Rouge will last forever..