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Last updated: 9.16.05

September 16th, 2005: 1:37am
Okay. So. Hi. I've been gone for a little while. :P Been busy with RL(Real life for those who don't know). I am adding content to site right now, even though it is very late. Lol. So I plan on adding an MR experience, the link to my fanfic, and some other fan goodies. So check out the fan page, as I can assure you it is done by the time you have come to the site and read this. My birthday is coming, so I will put some ideas on the fan page to host your own Moulin Rouge(any holiday)themed party(which is what I'm doing). Saddle up, drink some absinthe(not really though. Look what it did to Christian?!), and enjoy a little Moulin Rouge time(and have a nice day).
August 31st, 2005: 3:24am
Okay, I've added a code so that the background will stay fixed. It might not work on all browsers, but just know that it is supposed to be FIXED! Okay? Okay. And we'ŗe all happy.

August 12th, 2005: 2:59am
I just put up the 'This story is about..' page. It contains the plot to Moulin Rouge - and I've tried to make it interesting, so if there's anything you don't understand about the movie, let me know and I'll answer your questions as best as I can. I'm working on the Fan page and I'm still writing my sequel, so just wait a while and it'll all be done. Of course, I can never say the site is FINISHED, because I come up with new ideas all the time. XD

August 10th, 2005: 11:17pm
I've added the website Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong. I advise you to check it out because it's like.. the best one there is. ^_^ I've also finished the 'About Me' page - with lots of info on myself for you to get to know me better. More content will be added soon!

August 10th, 2005: 5:26am
Omg, sorry! I've forgotten to post updates. XD Silly me.
The site is just about finished. ^_^ And I'm still awake. My hours are TERRIBLE. =(

Anyways, all I've really got to do is put info on the 'about me' page and fill in some other blanks and then the site is DONE, baby. And in the future, I'll definitely put up some new content. So check back often, eh?

Alright then - I'll update again soon.

Our love for the Moulin Rouge will last forever..