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This story is about..

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This story is about..
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The Moulin Rouge Plot..

Moulin Rouge! is about a young penniless poet named Christian, who comes to Paris in the year 1899 to write about Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and that which he believes in above anything else - Love.

When Christian meets Toulouse-Lautrec, he enters a world of spectacular surprises. One of which is Satine - the star of the Moulin Rouge as well as the top courtesan. Satine's biggest dream is to become a real stage actress - which she needs to seduce a certain Duke in order to get what she wants.

When Satine mistakes Christian for the Duke, she falls for his charm and does something that isn't allowed - she falls in love. Christian and Satine must hide their love from the Duke in order to stay safe, but the Duke is a filthy, jealous, evil RAT bas-- I mean person; and he will do anything in his power to get Satine.

Satine finds out she's dying and Harold Zidler, the Moulin Rouge's administrator, convinces Satine to tell Christian she doesn't love him - in order to save him from the Duke's murderous hands. Christian gets heartbroken, and then we come to the final showdown.

The Coupe d'Etat.

During this last bit, Christian finds out that Satine really does love him, and they reunite, only to depart soon afterwards - because Satine dies right in Christian arms, after making him promise to write their story. And so he did.

This is a story about love.. A love that will live forever.

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Our love for the Moulin Rouge will last forever..